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Our Group

Our Group briefing (Kuwait/Jordan & Iraq)


Iraq business is performed through 3 branches:

  • Amman Regional Management Office
  • Baghdad Branch
  • Erbil branch

Amman Regional Management Office

  • Managing the whole business of Iraq in general
  • Establish contracts with principals, and setting the general strategies and objectives
  • Liaising with principals in setting the plans for promotion, distribution, tenders, and orders
  • We have five departments in Amman office:
    • Regulatory affairs and Tenders
    • Logistics
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Marketing

Baghdad Branch

Covers the marketing and distribution in all Iraqi governorates (except Kurdistan) under the supervision of Amman office, we have the following departments:

  • Registration Department
  • Tenders department
  • Accounting department
  • Sales Team, covers all potential pharmacies and hospitals
  • Medical Promotion teams; we allocate a fully dedicated team for each company we represent including sales managers and supervisors
    Stores Management department
  • Transportation and delivery fleet

Erbil Branch

Covers Kurdistan region’s three governorates: Erbil, Sulaimaniyyah, and Duhook,

  • The organizational structure in Erbil office is similar to the structure of Baghdad branch.

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