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Diagnostic Radiology

Diagnostic Radiology


Companies we represent exclusively in Diagnostic Imaging Dept .


Shimadzu Healthcare – Japan

No. of Employees :10,132
Establishment : 1875

SHIMADZU is one of the world's leading manufacturers of advanced imaging systems and equipment for use in medical diagnosis and treatment. Experience in this highly specialized field dates back to 1909 when Shimadzu produced Japan's first X-ray apparatus for medical use. Shimadzu remained at the forefront of technology and design for nearly 100 years. Today, Shimadzu develop, manufacture and distribute a broad range of diagnostic systems ( Digital Subtraction Angiography, Cardiovascular Systems, Digital Radiography & Fluoroscopy Systems, and general radiography equipment ).

Konica Minolta – Japan
No. of employees ( 1,900 for Healthcare and 38,200 overall business employees )
Establishment of healthcare department : 1936

Konica Minolta is serving the diagnostic imaging field with products that use the latest in digital imaging technology, and with services and solutions of the highest quality .Konica Minbolta a leader manufacturer of Computed Radiography ( CR ) – Dry laser imagers – Analogue films – x-ray processors and peripheral equipments – Film screens  and upgrading analogue x-ray machines using a unique high quality flat panel detectors .

Infinitt Healthcare – South Korea
Established Year - 2002
Employees - 516 (as of 2012, Globally)

With more than 2700 PACS/RIS installations worldwide, INFINITT has accumulated a great deal of experience and expertise. Infinitt technology solutions also stand out because all Infinitt products are developed by our Infinitt own  R & D Team, eliminating systems integration issues other vendors experience.

Covidien / Tyco-Mallinckrodt  
A leader company with more than 41,000 employees worldwide .Covidien / Tyco – Mallincrodt diagnostic imaging product line is :
Contrast Media injectable & accessories for CT/MRI and Angiography ( With the unique feature of ready to use CM syringes ,hence avoiding contamination & to save time )
Contrast Media oral/rectal & accessories
Contrast Media delivery system & accessories
Nuclear Medicine

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