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Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview


SAFWAN Trading & Contracting Company has come a long way since its inception in 1963 and finds itself proudly privileged on being able to have introduced many of the ‘firsts’ of the pharmaceutical quality products within the country and other parts of the region - and has lately ventured, branched out and established cross-border businesses in Iraq, with ambitious plans to expand further.

While continuing to partner with its customers, the Company has consistently maintained a reputable character, establishing itself prudently and proactively as a formidable business corporation. Today SAFWAN Company occupies the leading position in the acquisition and distribution of a diversified brand portfolio of the finest and latest in the pharmaceutical products and differentiated medical equipment technology, delivered proficiently and with entrepreneurial spirit.

By associating ourselves with the most renowned principals and manufacturers in this industry, the company continues to develop and expand - always looking for new challenges that will enhance staff productivity, improve efficiencies and accuracy, reduce costs and raise profitability to all stakeholders. The Company prides itself on being able to offer versatile and innovative solutions and alternatives to many of the problems encountered by the healthcare professionals.

We adhere to moral and ethical business standards, and practice professionalism in dealing with the customers, suppliers and competitors, and are always committed to work within the parameters of honesty, discipline and integrity as we exert our collective efforts for yielding fair return on investment.

Simultaneously, the Company has always maintained an open-door policy with its employees, encouraging job satisfaction, with individual fulfillment and through personal growth and broader awareness.

Finally, to our compeers in this venture, kudos, more power and success.

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