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CEO's Message

CEO's Message


Since SAFWAN's foundation in 1963 over four decades ago, the company's efforts have been crowned with great successes that culminated in acquiring new distribution rights in 1967 from some of the most renowned companies in the pharmaceutical quality products, differentiated medical equipment, healthcare products, dermo-cosmetics and consumer goods. Most importantly, we had the opportunity to fulfill an important part of our vision to expand regionally since 2003 into the Iraqi market with ambitious plans to branch out further.

SAFWAN has also broadened its business to encompass the ownership and management of a large number of brands in the pharma and medical product lines. The eminent trust SAFWAN has gained from its ever-growing customer and principal base has led us to incorporate SAFWAN from a limited liability entity to a closed shareholding company. In 2005, SAFWAN was placed as the first company of its category to be enlisted on the Kuwait Stock Exchange.

Last but not least, our mission and vision are not only executed with a strict commitment to achieving an ongoing and growing profitable return to our shareholders' investment, but also simultaneously creating a healthy organizational culture characterized by family values that will realize our mission and vision, and provide excellent customer and principal services and a rewarding work environment for the employees and the company

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