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In Safwan, we value people who are committed to a strong work ethic and who are constantly striving to excel in serving their clients. We care about each other, the quality of our products and services, and above all, the value to our clients and shareholders. People at Safwan are also more interested in teamwork than in internal politics and committed to excellence in whatever they do and giving credit to others for success.

Safwan also value a work place where people are treating each other with mutual respect and dignity. People truly feel that, no matter how large we grow, each and every one of us can make a difference. Bureaucracy is discouraged, entrepreneurial thinking is fostered and decision making is streamlined by an open-door management style. Mistakes are admitted and addressed before they become real problems.


Safwan is committed to excellence, integrity, and success. We hire people who are highly motivated, disciplined, and service-oriented. We provide training opportunities, an automated work environment, and an attractive remuneration package which recognizes and rewards excellent performance.

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