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1.1 Employment at Safwan

We offer attractive opportunities and set high standards. The Company Values “Integrity, Courage and Passion” are meant to guide our decisions and actions. They are the pillars of our corporate culture and apply throughout the Company.

Safwan promotes and expects mutual respect and trust. We offer an open workplace where teamwork is valued.

Safwan Employment establishes to states what Safwan expects from its employees. This policy addresses topics such as recruitment, promotion, career development, remuneration, diversity and inclusion, prohibition of forced and child labor, freedom of affiliation.

Our seven Leadership Commitments set clear expectations for all our people leaders at Safwan and represent our leadership promise to our employees. Regardless of area of work or level, Safwan expects every leader at Safwan to demonstrate these commitments day in day out:

“I firmly believe that each person at Safwan deserves a great leader. Every day I strive to lead by example, consistently demonstrating our values of Integrity, Courage and Passion. This means:

I take a genuine interest in people.

I listen carefully, tell the truth and explain ‘the why’.

I empower and trust people to make decisions.

I discover and develop the potential in people.

I strive for excellence and extraordinary results.

I set priorities and simplify work.

I congratulate people for a job well done.”


We foster an environment where everyone feels encouraged to express his/her ideas and opinion. The relationship between an employee and a manager requires open communication. To strengthen the relationship, Safwan presented so called “Jabber” which are frequent, informal, employee-centred conversations.

We regularly run opinion survey to solicit candid, anonymous feedback on needs and expectations to enable identification of areas for improvement. These surveys are also used to determine the level of engagement within the company.

Safwan respects the right of all employees to join any legally recognized employee association and will comply with any laws relating to employee representation. Safwan tries to maintain an open dialogue with all employee representatives.

The employment opportunity is an equal in Safwan. Employment opportunities are available regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability or other legally protected status. This principle applies to all aspects of the employment relationship, including recruiting, hiring, training, work assignment, promotion, transfer, termination, and salary administration.

We are all expected to:

Behave in line with Safwan Values.

Live up to Safwan’s expectations.

As a leader demonstrate the Leadership Commitments day in day out.



What do the Safwan Values “Integrity, Courage and Passion” mean for my daily work?

They are meant to be put into practice. Use them in your daily work as a guide for your decisions and behavior.



Why is a culture which fosters the expression of opinion without a fear of negative consequences so important for Safwan?

Safwan strongly believes that this culture is the basis for integrity and compliance; in addition, said culture enables and triggers innovative ideas, which support our business.


I have a friend with a disability who asked me whether she has a fair chance to get a job at Safwan. What shall I tell her?

Yes, at Safwan we value people’s abilities and strive to proactively support disabled persons by providing those with work opportunities and including them as fully accepted colleagues.


              1.2  Discrimination and Harassment:

We value diversity and inclusion as part of an inspiring working environment. The diversity of the company’s employees is a remarkable asset. There is no acceptance of employees being subjected to offensive, abusive or other unwanted behavior at the workplace which violates the personal dignity of the victim or creates an intimidating, hostile or humiliating environment for the victim (e.g. physical, sexual, psychological, verbal or any other form of harassment). We are firmly committed to providing equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and shall not tolerate any illegal discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin or any other protected class.

These principles apply to all aspects of the employment relationship, such as hiring, assignments, promotion, compensation, discipline and termination.

If we believe that anybody has been subjected to discrimination or harassment, we should report this misbehavior to the Compliance Officer.

We are all expected to:

Treat diversity and inclusion as a priority and opportunity to drive innovation as well as to build employee engagement.

Ensure we do not discriminate against anyone.

Never engage in any form of workplace harassment.

Speak up if we become aware of any workplace discrimination or harassment.



Why does Safwan value diversity?

As a company that has always been open to new and diverse and approaches. Diversity is not only a key prerequisite for innovation but also a personal and cultural job enrichment for each and every employee.


I get the impression that my Line ­Manager does not like me and has started to criticize me in various ways. What should I do?

Be aware that not every bad leadership style qualifies as a harassment or discrimination in a legal sense. However, if you are discriminated or harassed, you should address your concerns immediately, openly and directly to your Line Manager. You can also contact the HR Department or Compliance Officer. Alternatively, you can use Whistleblowing Channels.

*For further information and details are specified in Safwan’s Whistleblowing Policy.

               1.3 Health and Safety:

The company strives to provide each employee, officer and director with a safe and healthy work environment. Each employee and officer has responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and officers by following environmental, safety and health rules and practices and reporting accidents, injuries and unsafe equipment, practices or conditions. Violence and threatening behavior are not permitted. 

Employees, officers and directors are expected to perform their company related work in a safe manner, free of the influences of alcohol, illegal drugs or controlled substances.

Employees and the Workplace:

Alcohol and Drugs:

Safwan is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, business partners, customers, visitors and the general public by eliminating hazards associated with the inappropriate use of alcohol and other drugs (including prescription and over the counter medications).

It is a requirement that all Employees and Contractors working on behalf of Safwan are not affected by alcohol or drugs during working hours. This policy applies to all Safwan employees, Contractors working on behalf of Safwan, business partners and visitors of Safwan or attending Safwan's site or premises.

Where an Employee or Contractor is taking medication or is suffering from any condition that may affect or limit their ability to carry out work, they are seeking the advice from their Supervisor.

Any employee or contractor working on behalf of Safwan is taking alcohol or any other drugs he/she will be suspended without pay until Safwan decided the time as deemed fit for returning to work or contract is terminated.

Vehicle Standards:

Safwan recognizes that alcohol or drug abuse are medical problems that can be treated. Safwan will support any of our employees who want to overcome these problems.

In setting vehicle standards Safwan seeks to maximize safety and security minimize environmental impact.

Safwan uses a combination of handheld and/or in-vehicle monitoring systems equipped with GPS tracking for monitoring and communications purposes for vehicles engaged within.

All vehicles must be kept clean and in good mechanical repair at all times.

All vehicles should be sign-written with the appropriate Safwan's logo. Vehicles may not carry any signage that may cause offence to the law and regulations.

Authority to Operate the Warehouse’s Equipment

 Only persons who are trained by Safwan or hold a relevant certificate of competency or license and are authorized by Safwan are permitted to operate the equipment, vehicle, forklift or other materials handling equipment on any Safwan site, or elsewhere on behalf of the Company. This restriction applies to all Employees, Contractors working on behalf of Safwan.


Poor tidiness is a contributing factor to accidents in the workplace. In order to minimize the risk of accidents, all employees must keep their workplace/site clean, neat and tidy at all times, regularly dispose of waste, and remove objects which could cause injury, keep walkways clear for the safe movement of materials and people and keep firefighting and emergency equipment unobstructed and ready for use.

Smoke Free Workplace

Safwan is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, business partner, contractors and visitors. Concern over the effects of smoking and passive smoking has led Safwan to implement a smoke-free workplace policy in order to limit employee exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and to ensure risks to all employees are minimized.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the following places and/or situations:

Vehicles owned by the Company.

Company premises (excluding designated smoking areas where provided).

Safwan' Customer premises (excluding designated smoking areas where provided).

During work-time, additional breaks for smoking are not permitted. This policy applies to all Safwan employees, business partner and visitors.

Mobile Phones and Other Devices

Safwan has policies that provide directions for the use of the various types of devices (phones, PDA’s, iPads, Laptops, PC, etc.) that are used for voice and data transfers:

The devices are issued to employees on a business-need requirement only. Safwan reserves the right to reimburse it if it is being miss used.

The devices are not to be used for unlawful or unacceptable practices such as bullying, harassment, discrimination, or anything in breach of Safwan’s Diversity Policy.

All devices issued to employees must be maintained in good status. You must advise your manager or supervisor of any damages or faults to your device. Your devices and all accessories, including chargers, must be returned to IT team and HR department when you quit working at Safwan.

Use of personal mobile phones during work time should be minimized and must not disturb other employees.

Use of mobile devices while driving shall comply with the Traffic Code.

Personal Phone Calls: Safwan recognizes that some level of personal phone calls is unavoidable. We simply ask that employees to keep the number and duration of personal calls to the minimum.


Radio, Television, and Personal Audio Devices (iPod’s and similar)

The use of radio, television, and personal audio devices during normal work time is not permitted on Safwan sites, unless authorized by your Line Manager.

This includes listening to radio or music on mobile devices with headphones or earpieces, as the use of headphones in a work environment may impair your ability to hear, respond or attention to a potential safety hazard or incident.

Sickness Reporting

Safwan policy is that if an employee is sick and as a result is unable to come to work, the employee must inform his/her supervisor of his/her absence as soon as is practicable. It is not acceptable to inform or leave a message with a co-worker. To ensure payment for sick leave, a medical certificate is required if the employee is sick for two or more consecutive days or if the absence is on a day immediately before or after a weekend, public holiday or period of annual leave.

Customer Service

All employees must ensure that our customers are treated with the utmost respect and courtesy at all times. Respond with courtesy to any complaints or issues raised by customers or anyone else, including the general public, by trying to resolve the issue immediately and/or politely advising that the matter will be reported to Line Manager for immediate action and/or response. Any such issue must be promptly reported to Chief Operating Officer.

Personal Presentation

All employees shall present themselves in a well-groomed, clean and tidy manner with a high standard of personal hygiene at all times while on a Safwan site or performing duties on behalf of Safwan.

Driver Behavior

“Driver” refers to Safwan employees who are employed to drive a Company owned vehicle or who drives a Company owned vehicle as a part of their job, and to Contractors acting on behalf of the Company who undertake delivery or driving related duties for Safwan.

As a Driver you are required to:

Comply with all laws in the conduct of your activities as a Driver.

Hold a current driver’s license applicable to the class of vehicle being driven. Any suspension or cancellation of such license will be deemed as an inability for you to perform your work.

If engaged in delivery services, promptly undertake each of your delivery services in conformity with the standards of best practice.

If you have been issued with an ID badge, carry it with you at all times Drivers shall at all times act with respect towards other employees, Contractors, customers, and other road users. Aggressive and/or offensive behavior will not be tolerated.


We are all expected to:

Ensure safety and security, and protect health and the environment at our workplace to the best of our knowledge, ability and experience.

Integrate considerations regarding safety, security, health and environment into our daily work.

Never bypass or “work-around” safety or environmental procedures.

Employees who are driving on Company business must never email, check the Internet or text while driving.

Help contractors and others we work with to understand and follow our safety and environmental procedures.

Alert your supervisor about any unsafe conditions.

Report immediately to a supervisor in case you injured in the work, no matter how minor.

Never assume that someone else has made the report.

Supervisors must never pressure employees to not report workplace injuries.

Stop our work when it is not safe.



One of our equipment which we are using on a daily basis has malfunction condition which affecting staff safety. Therefore I informed my supervisor immediately. He instructed to overlook the problem and keep quiet. What should I do?

We are committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees and visitors to our facilities. Immediately, you must inform your Line Manager and/or HR Manager.

*Refer to Safwan’s HR Policies and Safwan handbook for more information and details.


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